bing putney


   My name is Bing Putney, and I am a portrait photographer. My job is simple, but not easy. My job is to capture genuine, honest moments, and translate those moments into engaging images. To create these images, I've cultivated a solid understanding of the technical aspects of photography, from composition and lighting to post-processing. That's the easy part. The challenging, and rewarding part of my job is working with my clients to capture authentic expressions that resonate with people.  I believe that the most successful portraits are those that generate a connection between the subject and the viewer, and that I, the photographer, am the intermediary for that connection.

   My background, and introduction to portraiture, is as an actor.  I bring this experience- auditioning, meeting with agents and managers, and having my own headshots taken- to each shoot.  I make it a priority to create a comfortable, relaxed environment, and make sure that you leave with photos that are not only flattering, but effective marketing materials to advance your career.