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Customize your shoot!  Know that you'll get exactly what you need by picking your looks from the styles below.  Each option is a headshot recipe, including lighting, backgrounds, posing and retouching, and each can be tweaked and tailored to your needs.  And, of course, we can shoot multiple looks in the same style just by changing your wardrobe, and maybe the backdrop.



Soft, flattering lighting and a solid white background create a luminous, glamorous, airy look.  This style is popular with female actors for its simplicity and versatility, but will work for men as well.  Retouching compliments the lighting by smoothing the skin and brightening the eyes, while maintaining a natural look, ensuring that your photo looks like you at your absolute best.


This style is similar to the beauty look, but with a little more POP!  The lighting is soft and shadowless, eliciting a friendly, open energy and the colorful background (of your choice) makes the images stand out.  Your commercial agent will love this look.  Retouching will smooth the skin and brighten the eyes and teeth, and pump up the vibrancy of the colors.


This style is fantastic for theatrical shots and can be tweaked to work for men or women.  The lighting brings in more shadows for a three dimensional quality, and the darker, graduated background provides more intensity and depth.  It's perfectly suited for anything from indie dramas to TV police procedurals.  Retouching focuses on maintaining natural, realistic skin texture, and emphasizing facial structure.


As dramatic and intense as it gets.  This look incorporates deep, dark, hard shadows for a gritty, intimidating look. If you want to play the bad guy, you should absolutely have this shot in your repertoire.  The lighting sculpts the cheekbones, jawline and eyebrows, and works with the dark background and desaturated colors to add to the dramatic, badass vibe.  Retouching adds sharpness to skin texture, and emphasizes highlights and shadows to compliment the harsh lighting style.


Take your headshots for a walk! We'll head outside and put your shots into context.  The lighting will be soft and flattering, with some subtle shadows for three dimensionality.  The background will be artfully blurred, so as not to draw too much attention away from your face, but defined enough to give a sense of your surroundings.